Aabybro School

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The Municipality of Jammerbugt has built a new school as a PPP. The new Aabybro School replaces the old Aabybro School, which was torn down in connection with the project. The new school can accommodate approx. 1,100 pupils.
The PPP agreement comprises design, project planning, construction as well as operation and maintenance of the building for a 25-year period. This means that the Municipality has got a construction in termsof overall economy where both the cost of construction and the cost of operation were clarified in the tendering process.


“To me as mayor, our new school is the crowning achievement of many public investments both in Aabybro and the rest of Jammerbugt, and I feel both proud and grateful that it was possible”, says Mogens Gade, mayor.


Aabybro School is the biggest and most expensive construction project in the Municipality of Jammerbugt ever with a total capital expenditure of DKK 190 million.


The PPP project was financed partly by the Municipality’s own funds and partly by KommuneKredit funding. The dialogue between the Municipality of Jammerbugt and KommuneKredit started already back in 2012.

Contracting entity: The Municipality of Jammerbugt.


PPP suppliers: NCC and Ejendomsvirke.


Architect: Cebra Arkitekter.


Acreage: 11,000 sq. m.


Construction period: 2014-2016.


Period of operation and maintenance: 25 years.


Financing institution: KommuneKredit.


Funding: DKK 170 million.


Lending product: Tailor-made loans with a term to maturity of 25 years