Aalborg’s new urban open space combines social interaction and consideration for the climate and the environment

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Aalborg Municipality is currently establishing a new urban open space around the old Østerå stream. The intention is to provide a gathering point for social interaction, exercise and fun and to enable the city to interact with nature to enhance biodiversity for the benefit of all. Reopening old canals will enhance climate adaptation for purposes of supporting the Aalborg of the future.
Aalborg’s Østerå stream is undergoing a transformation. For many years, the old stream that has connected the port and the city since the age of the Vikings was covered and had been replaced by sewers, but will now form the centre of a new green – and blue – gathering point for the residents of Aalborg.


The project combines urban development with consideration for the climate and the environment. As the stream runs through three parks and several recreational areas, the residents of Aalborg will have new opportunities for getting together and enjoying the interaction between the city and nature. At the same time, new walkways and bikeways will provide a link between raw nature and city centre.


The Østerå project also forms part of the municipality’s efforts to ensure the requisite rainwater drainage capacity to strengthen the city’s extreme precipitation resistance.


Lastly, the development of the stream environment will help enhance biodiversity and improve the aqueous environment by converting the closed canal system into an open stream system with gravel bottom and slopes.


“The new urban open space around the old Østerå stream will benefit both the city’s residents and the climate, which is amazing. Attractive urban open spaces are highly popular among the city’s residents, and I’m so pleased that we’re now getting more such spaces in the very centre of Aalborg. We’re making room for more fun. We’re providing new places to meet or to exercise in the open while at the same time strengthening climate proofing measures and biodiversity. I can’t wait to start using the new space together with our residents and visitors.”

Thomas Kastrup-Larsen
Mayor, Municipality of Aalborg

Borrower: Municipality of Aalborg


Loan purpose: Reopening of the Østerå stream


Loan amount: DKK 13 million (green loan)


Construction period: 2021-2025