Green reconversion from fossil fuels to biofuels leads to massive co₂- reductions in Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus

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Since June 2017, Aarhus has been able to supply its consumers with renewable energy from the biomassfired CHP plant (combined heat and power plant).
The biomass-fired CHP plant is using straw and is CO₂-neutral. It replaces a coal-fired oven line. The total project has led to an annual CO₂-reduction of 320,000 tonnes. The new biomass-fired CHP plant constitutes the largest Danish conversion to green energy so far.


In addition, the plant is virtually wastewater-free as the flue gas condensate is converted to demineralized water, i.e. the flue gas condensate is cleaned to freshwater quality, and can thus be used in the boilers of the plant as well as in the district heating network. Overall, the project greatly contributes to the green transformation that is expected to make the City of Aarhus CO₂-neutral in 2030.

Total project investment:
DKK 1,300,000,000


Disbursed loan: DKK 300,000,000


Input power: 110 MW


Smoke gas condensation efficiency: Over 103%


Heat production: 600,000 MWh


Fuel: 230,000 tonnes of straw per year – supplied by local straw producers/farmers


Fuel: 48 straw bales per hour The plant can incinerate up to 50% wood chips

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