Esbjerg builds bus depot for the public transport of the future

900x416 Esbjerg
Esbjerg Municipality has ambitions of being a sustainable urban centre. By establishing a bus depot and charging points for new electric buses in the town and surrounding area, they are taking a big step in the right direction. For local residents this means a healthier and more peaceful town – and for the local authorities, financial savings.
Esbjerg’s new bus depot houses the municipality’s 29 electric buses. The project contributes to the municipality’s goal of being CO2-neutral by 2030, but will also help ensure more peaceful and healthier city living for local residents, as the electric buses the depot houses are quieter than their diesel counterparts and do not emit diesel fumes. Moreover, the switch to electric buses means a financial saving, as operating costs are lower than for the old diesel-powered buses. Overall, the setup should ensure climate-friendly and quieter public transport for the town’s citizens, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 2,700 tonnes, or 70 pct., relative to the diesel buses.


The bus depot is financed as property leasing through KommuneKredit.


Esbjerg was the first city to replace its entire bus fleet in one go, and everyone in town is pleased with the quieter city buses that do not smell of diesel fumes. Moreover, we have had the pleasure of implementing a green solution which price-wise was not only on a par with but in fact proved cheaper than the previous solution.”

Jesper Frost Rasmussen
Mayor, Municipality of Esbjerg

Borrower: Municipality of Esbjerg


Loan purpose: Bus depot for electric buses in town and surrounding area


Loan amount: DKK 42 million


Construction period: 2021