Clean water in the taps

Clean drinking water at the lowest possible price – today and tomorrow. This was the underlying aim behind replacing the clean-water tank and modernising the pumps at Tejn Waterworks on the island of Bornholm. The improvements will cut the average age of its
tanks by 30 years and enable future upgrades to be made without supply interruptions
The waterworks in Tejn now has a new clean-water tank which will help future-proof the supply of drinking water to its 844 consumers, who together get through a good 73,000 cubic metres of water every year. Replacing a tank dating from 1967 and building redundancy into the system so that future renovations do not result in interruptions of supply, the new
tank means safer storage of treated drinking water. The pumps at the plant are also being replaced as they are nearing the end of their service life, and this is expected to
cut power wastage by at least 30 pct.

The project has been financed with a construction loan from KommuneKredit.


“Our mission is to protect the environment and provide clean drinking water throughout
our supply area. Replacing the clean-water tank and pumps will help achieve this well
into the future. Both the old tank and the pumps were on their last legs. Luckily it
was easy to ring up KommuneKredit and get a loan so that we could start on the

Mikkel Mortensen
Deputy Chair, Tejn Waterworks

Borrower: Tejn Vandværk


Guarantor: Regional Municipality of Bornholm


Loan purpose: Construction loan for establishing clean-water tank and replacing pumps


Loan amount: DKK 4.75 million


Construction period: 2022