Funding of cloudburst and climateprojekt in Copenhagen

The Sankt Annæ Project includes renovation, traffic calming and climate protection of both Sankt Annæ Square, Kvæsthusgade and the sunny side of Nyhavn from Toldbodgade to the harbour. The pier, Kvæsthusmolen, has also been renovated and a subterranean car park has been established.
The project, opened in 2016, is backed by Realdania, the Municipality of Copenhagen and HOFOR. Furthermore, a number of private foundations have subsidized the project.


KommuneKredit has granted loans to HOFOR and the Municipality of Copenhagen in connection with this project.


The project truly lives up to HOFOR’s vision for creating sustainable cities. And we are pleased with the collaboration with KommuneKredit which makes projects like this possible

Carsten Cronqvist
Project Manager for Cloudburst Protection and Climate Adaptation at HOFOR.



Each year since 1902 the Municipality of Copenhagen has honoured several developments and urban areas, which a committee finds to be particularly beautiful and contributing to the Copenhagen Experience.


In 2016, Sankt Annæ Square was among the seven developments that received the award for an environment with an especially positive contribution to Copenhagen.


Sankt Annæ Square is an important example of the fact that a large investment in a community may serve several purposes: protecting the city against floods and organising new and exciting urban spaces with the opportunities to create urban life and happiness.