Surplus heat from data centre becomes green district heating

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The new district heating facility of Fjernvarme Fyn, the 3rd largest district heating company in Denmark, uses state-of-the-art heat pump technology to utilize surplus heat from a data centre for green district heating.
When the district heating facility, Tietgenbyen’s Varmecentral, is shortly put into service, nine large heat pumps will initially supply approximately 7,000 households in Odense with green district heating. The green district heating is produced with surplus heat from a data centre that is situated in the suburb of Odense called Tietgenbyen.


The new plant will be the largest of its kind in Denmark. The project therefore passes several milestones both in terms of size, technology and – especially – green profile. Namely, the power for the data centre comes from renewable energy, and the district heating produced is therefore CO₂ neutral while displacing a similar amount of fossil-generated heat.


The project is a natural extension of the efforts already being made by Fjernvarme Fyn to utilise surplus heat from local industrial companies and to electrify district heating. It has attracted great attention both nationally and internationally due to the many technical breakthroughs. Thus, the facility is also a showcase, where both Danish and foreign visitors can draw inspiration for the green transition.

Total project investment:
DKK 260,000,000


Disbursed loan from KommuneKredit: DKK 75,000,000


Expected annual CO₂ reduction/avoidance in total through the displacement of coal: 142,000 tonnes