Famous brother and sister to share a home once again

Fascination and a sense of identification across generations and gender was the common impetus in the town of Farsø in the Municipality of Vesthimmerland that motivated local people to create a cultural attraction with both national and international interest. Two of Denmark’s best-known literary personalities have moved back into their old childhood home together: writer and Nobel Prize winner Johannes V. Jensen and his younger sister Thit Jensen, who was a writer and women’s rights activist.
Originally, the childhood home in Farsø only housed the Johannes V. Jensen Museum, while the Thit Jensen House was located at the other end of town. Following huge efforts, the museum management and support associations achieved their goal in the summer of 2019. An extension and connecting corridor have ensured that the two strong personalities are once again united in what is Denmark’s only writers’ museum for a brother and sister. The two writers were very different, colourful characters who, each in their own way, made a strong impact on Danish culture and the public debate during their lifetime.


The museum hopes to attract national as well as international visitors, who will have ample opportunity to delve into both authorships. In March 2020, the museum was selected as a venue on the Danish Poets’ Route.


We started negotiations with the municipality in 2012 about purchasing the neighbouring building, but the financial solution of grants and loans was not reached until 2018. It has been a long struggle, and we would not have made it without the support of the municipality and the guarantee it provided for the loan from KommuneKredit.

Peter Hørup
Museum manager

The museum extension was financed by a loan from KommuneKredit.