Local enthusiasts want boilers out and district heating in

Hornsyld Klimavarme
Boilers out and district heating in. That is what they are saying in the town of Hornsyld in the Municipality of Hedensted, where municipal buildings and private homes are replacing gas- and oil-fired boilers with surplus heat from local companies. The project, which is being driven by Hornsyld-Bråskov local council, is an integral element in achieving the municipality’s 2030 target for CO2 reduction.
They are busy digging in Hornsyld at the moment, laying the ground for the pipes that will transport surplus heat from local companies round to private homes and public institutions. The aim is that 90 pct. of the heat distributed to consumers should come from surplus heat. Normally, this by-product is lost, but new technologies allow the heat to be reused and thus generate both climate and financial benefits.


The surplus heat is converted by channelling steam into pipes that run parallel to pipes containing cold water. This heats the water to 65 degrees before it reaches consumers’ radiators. Hornsyld Klimavarme, the district heating company, is also establishing a heat pump that can function as a backup if additional heat is needed.


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“Hornsyld Klimavarme is a modern heating cooperative based on new technologies, strong local ties and a societal mindset that has its roots in the thinking of the old cooperative societies. Our hope is that the project can serve as an inspiration to other local communities in Denmark.”


Rasmus Ole Hansen
Chairman of the board at Hornsyld Klimavarme

Borrower: Hornsyld Klimavarme


Guarantor: Municipality of Hedensted


Loan purpose: New district heating facility and piping to utilise excess heat


Loan amount: DKK 73,125 million (construction credit)


Construction period: 2021-2022

Hornsyld Klimavarme Borgmester og Bestyrelse