The municipality of Hvidovre achieves significant savings of energy when renovating their buildings

Energy renovations are to ensure an improvement of the municipality of Hvidovre’s many buildings, so that the municipality does not spend more energy than necessary on, among other things, public schools, the town hall, sports halls and other institutions.
The energy renovation projects in the municipality of Hvidovre are ambitious. And it goes for each building that the improvements that have the greatest potential in terms of saving energy are the ones carried out.


In addition to implementing extra insulation of ceilings and walls, ventilation as well as maintenance and monitoring are also taken into consideration to prevent waste of resources and leaks. The project also includes replacement of windows and of current lighting with LED, as well as, checking and replacing appliances, toilets and mixer taps with more energyfriendly models. Also, several improvements to the indoor climate are being made in selected buildings.


Part of the loan is given for a so-called ESCO project. ESCO stands for Energy Service Companies and is a collaborative way to achieve energy savings in buildings.

Total project investment:
DKK 41,600,000


Disbursed loan from KommuneKredit: DKK 35,532,000


Annual CO2 reduction/avoidance in total: 458 tonnes