Safeguarding the supply of drinking water for the future

With more than 1,800 supply units, Kristrup Vandværk a.m.b.a. provides approximately 150,000 m3 of water annually to Kristrup Parish, which is based in the Municipality of Randers in East Jutland.
Operating as a cooperative, the water utility in 2023, built a new waterworks that replaces two older waterworks. The waterworks also has an associated infiltration basin for the filter rinse water and rainwater. As part of the transition from two to one ground water source site, an underground pure water tank was changed to an indoor tank of 200 m3, which together with the new waterworks covers the need of the supply units and allows for better online monitoring of the entire facility. The new facility has also been established with the aim of being more energy efficient. So far, Kristrup Vandværk has achieved electricity savings of approximately 60 per cent.
“With the loan from KommuneKredit, we have made the biggest investment ever in our waterworks’ history. Since 1905, Kristrup Vandværk has supplied citizens in our Parish with our valuable groundwater resource. With our new facilities, we now have a long-term solution, which helps to safeguard the supply of drinking water and reduces the operating costs.”

Michael Mose
Operations manager for Kristrup Vandværk

Loan amount and purpose:

DKK 10 million disbursed green loan from KommuneKredit in 2023 to Kristrup Vandværk a.m.b.a. partly financing the construction of the new waterworks. It constitutes 91 per cent of the total estimated project costs of DKK 11 million. The loan has been approved by KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Committee and is in accordance with KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Framework loan category: Sustainable water and wastewater management.

Expected environmental impact:

  • Improving water loss management.
  • Securing the groundwater resource.
  • Reducing energy consumption.