Sewerage systems ensure healthier and greener local communities

The environment, climate, energy and health are focus areas in Ringsted Spildevand’s sewerage projects, which include separate sewerage of urban areas, wastewater sewerage pipes for 108 homes located in open-country residential areas and sewerage systems for new urban areas.
When the people of Ringsted are connected to a separate sewerage system, they also gain a healthier and greener local community. Going forward, rainwater and wastewater will be separated, so that the rain water is channelled directly into the natural environment, while the wastewater is led to a treatment plant. This helps reduce the pressure on the sewers during heavy rainfalls, which in turn reduces the risk of flooding in the buildings connected to the system, on roads and of important infrastructure. Separate sewerage also ensures that diluted wastewater does not pollute our nature when heavy rainfalls cause wastewater to overflow into streams and lakes.


The system also eases the pressure on pipes and treatment plants, which will now be using fewer resources on a sudden increase in water volumes. Ringsted Spildevand will be installing, renovating and/or replacing more than 14,000 metres of piping. This will reduce the annual overflow of diluted wastewater by 3,000 m3 and reduce unwanted rain water to the treatment plants by 60,000 m³.


In addition, the extension of the sewerage system will continue both into new urban areas and into open countryside. In 2019, wastewater sewers were connected to 108 homes in open country and connected to the public pipe system, and separate sewerage was established for more than 200 urban properties.


“Creating, safeguarding and developing healthy climate and environmentally friendly surroundings for everyone is a social responsibility we all share. By establishing separate sewerage, we actively contribute to the common global agenda which the UN has defined through its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We are working with goals number 6 (clean water and sanitation) and 11 (sustainable cities and communities).”

Janne Hansen
CEO, Ringsted Forsyning A/S


The projects are funded by KommuneKredit loans.


Many of KommuneKredit’s borrowers make environment-friendly and sustainable investments that contribute to society’s green transition. At KommuneKredit, we want to support the transition by attracting investors who prioritise green investments. Loans approved by the Green Bond Committee as being green may be funded using green bond issues.

Borrower: Ringsted Spildevand


Loan purpose: Separate sewerage systems in urban areas and wastewater sewers in open country


Loan amount: DKK 57,190,000


Construction period: 2019