Sustainable waterborne transportation

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KommuneKredit has co-financed an electric ferry to manage the waterborne transportation between the two Danish islands Ærø and Als.
The ferry utilizes the world’s first type-approved battery for maritime use. The ferry company intends to enter an agreement with a power company in order to ensure access to certified green electricity. The ferry was developed as part of a 4-year innovation project, E-ferry, aimed at designing, building and testing a 100% electric, medium-sized ferry for passengers, cars, trucks and other cargo.


The E-ferry project was financed through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020-programme in collaboration with the Municipality of Ærø. DKK 113m has been granted from the European Commission through Horizon 2020, while the Municipality of Ærø financed the project with DKK 89m of which DKK 5.8m has been borrowed from KommuneKredit. Furthermore, DKK 6m was granted by Leclanché SA.


The goal of the E-ferry project was to promote energy efficient, CO₂-neutral and pollution-free waterborne transportation for routes between islands and inshore European waters and beyond.

Total project investment:
DKK 208,000,000


Disbursed loan: DKK 55,808,000


Expected annual reduction of emissions: 2,000 tonnes CO₂ (KommuneKredit share 536 tonnes CO₂) and 41,500 kg NOx (KommuneKredit share 11,135 kg NOx) compared to conventional ferries on similar routes. The ferry is expected to be in operation by summer 2019.