Financing of sustainable waterworks

In 2016, Kalundborg Water Supply A/S established new waterworks and a supply network on Sejerø. Kalundborg Utilities A/S supplies water and district heating to the citizens and removes waste water all over the Municipality of Kalundborg. In a matter of one year, seven million cubic metres of water, drinking water and surface water need to be supplied to citizens and businesses in the Municipality of Kalundborg
It was decided in 2015 to construct new sustainable waterworks on Sejerø which will not harm the environment unduly.


We chose KommuneKredit as the least expensive and most flexible partner to finance the expansion and repair of our water mains supply in 2016. Low financing costs contribute to low-cost, high-quality water supply,

Hans-Martin Friis Møller
CEO of Kalundborg Water Supply A/S.


The investment on Sejerø is but one of several investments in the water supply in the Municipality of Kalundborg. Thus, great focus will be placed on good water quality and waste water handling going forward as well.


To ensure eco-efficient purification of waste water in the future, we will very soon invest in a consolidation of the existing water purification plants into three high-efficient plants that can handle waste water.”


The financing requirement in relation to the waterworks was DKK 8.0 million, and KommuneKredit is having an ongoing dialogue with the Municipality of Kalundborg regarding the aggregate financing requirements in the area

Contractor: Kalundborg Water Supply A/S, a company owned by the Municipality and founded in 2009.


Construction period: 2016.


Financing institution: KommuneKredit.


Loan financing: DKK 8.0 million.


Loan product: Tailor-made loan with a term to maturity of 25 years.