Svendborg now recycling twice as much

Environmental value for money and a smaller carbon footprint. These were the ambitious goals behind Svendborg’s updated plan for sorting waste, which has been rolled out for all inhabitants and municipal bodies in recent years and enabled the municipality to meet national targets for carbon reductions and recycling.
For the Municipality of Svendborg, reducing and recycling waste is an important step
towards a circular economy, benefitting local inhabitants and the local environment.
It is also important for achieving the goals of both Denmark’s national plan for zero
waste and the EU’s recycling targets.


Since 2020, there have been campaigns to get people to sort their waste in new ways, and the municipality’s waste collection, sorting and transfer system has been updated. This joint effort from the municipality and its population has meant that the recycling rate for collected waste has risen from 27 pct. to more than 58 pct. Higher recycling rates also help reduce carbon emissions, as the waste is not then sent for incineration or replaced with virgin materials.


The project has been financed with a green loan from KommuneKredit in the waste
management category.


“We need to ensure that even more of our resources are recirculated so that we reduce our carbon footprint and get the best environmental value for money. In the coming years we will be focusing increasingly on preventing waste and recycling products before they become waste.”

Morten Schytte
Production Manager, Svendborg Water and Waste

Borrower: Svendborg Affald A/S


Guarantor: Municipality of Svendborg


Loan purpose: Municipal waste management


Loan amount: DKK 32 million


Construction period: 2020-2022