Waste converted to green heating

NORFORS participates in a joint municipal project called grøn varme (green heating) with the aim of defining targets and sub-targets to ensure fossil-free heating no later than 2035, and the project is already well underway.
The new furnace line 5 at Usserødværket in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen, which is owned by NORFORS, is a facility designed to meet future climate conditions. The furnace linewas built for the incineration of several types of fuel, including waste, biomass and sludge.


In the waste incineration process, a heat exchanger converts the energy from steam and flue gas condensation to district heating. This improves year-round reliability of supply and helps reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.


Boasting an energy efficiency of some 99%, the new furnace line can replace three old furnace lines and provide district heating to 15-20,000 households.


Without increasing the existing incineration capacity, with the new furnace line NORFORS will increase its district heating output by a little more than 30% – equal to approximately 87,000 MWh or the annual consumption of 5,000 households.


Each year, the furnace line displaces 96,600 tonnes of CO2, 81,600 tonnes of NOx and 13,300 tonnes of SO2. The amount of water vapour condensed by the furnace line is transferred to furnace line 4 and is reused as process water used for flue gas condensation. The overall annual saving is 62,000 m3 of city water. Furnace line 5 is funded by KommuneKredit loans.


I’m proud that NORFORS uses intelligent and effective solutions to help create a sustainable future for us all.”

Morten Slotved
Mayor, Municipality of Hørsholm
Chairman of the board of NORFORS

NORFORS is a joint municipal waste and energy company owned by the municipalities of Allerød, Fredensborg, Helsingør, Hørsholm and Rudersdal, covering a population of some 210,000 residents. Usserødværket has an annual incineration capacity of 152,000 tonnes of waste and biomass, which yields an energy output of 500,000 MWh of electricity and district heating.