KommuneKredit funds a sustainable wastewater treatment plant in Hillerød with a green loan

Wastewater from some 50,000 users is treated at Hillerød Forsyning’s sustainable wastewater treatment plant, which has a capacity of 100,000 PE or 7-8 million cubic metres of wastewater per year. The wastewater treatment plant is the first covered facility in Denmark and seeks to be a beacon in Danish environmental technology.
The plant has a green sedum roof, making it look like a big hill from a distance. In between the functional parts of the plant there is a pedestrian area flanked by large glass panels, allowing people to view the water treatment process from A to Z.


The treatment plant is a part of Solrødgård Klima- og Miljøpark and as such a component of Hillerød Forsyning’s vision of grouping water treatment, climate adjustment, resource recycling and energy production in a future-proof and financially sustainable solution. In the pedestrian area between the functional parts of the treatment plant citizens may come and get inspiration for local treatment of rainwater, or they may simply enjoy the park as a recreational area.


“The ambition with our wastewater treatment plant is to test new technologies and put them to use in the facility. We aim to contribute to improving the utilisation of wastewater resources and to developing solutions that benefit the environment and the climate. In these endeavours, we must have the courage to lead the way, and that’s what we have done with our new treatment plant, which is funded by KommuneKredit.”

Peter Underlin
Director of Water Treatment at Hillerød Forsyning

Borrower: Hillerød Forsyning


Loan from KommuneKredit:
DKK 306,486,000