Water management

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A DKK 20 million green loan for construction of a new waterworks and afforestation in Assens is one example of the eligible projects in the water management category. By year-end 2020, 31.2 per cent of the total disbursed green loan volume was in this category
In 2020, Assens Forsyning was granted a green loan for the construction of a primary and new high-tech waterworks with an annual capacity of 800,000 m³ of drinking water. The waterworks has both pre- and post-filtration and two parallel lines. Each line treats water from its own catchment area to ensure maximum security of supply of a critical infrastructure. New technology also enables the waterworks to detect potential water spills at individual citizen level thereby helping to protect water as a resource and reduce water spills and damage. The new waterworks in Assens supplies more than 4,000 households and the business community, which includes Denmark’s fourth-largest brewery.


The green loan also includes afforestation of 50 hectares in one of the catchment areas for groundwater protection. The area contributes annually with 325,000 m³ of groundwater and afforestation forms part of a targeted environmental initiative that aims to increase the share of urban state forests in Denmark. The varied deciduous forest ‘Lundager Skov’ is being planted in 2021 and will provide new opportunities for outdoor life for local citizens.


Green loan category

The water management green loan category covers new investments in and ongoing maintenance of water collection, treatment, recycling, cleaning, reuse, technologies and related infrastructure. KommuneKredit has disbursed 292 green loans of almost DKK 7 billion in total from 2017-2020

Projektinvesteringer i alt: 4,3 mia. kr.


Udbetalte grønne lån fra KommuneKredit: 550 mio. kr. i 2017; kr. i 2018 og 150 mio. kr. i 2020.


Forventede miljøpåvirkninger:

▪ 4.305 ton i årlige CO2-reduktioner, hvoraf omkring en fjerdedel kan henføres til KommuneKredits grønne lån fra 2017-2020.

▪ Udvidelse af ren offentlig transport.

▪ Ren luft og mindre støj.

SDG linkage



Primary EU environmental objective
Sustainable use and protection of water andmarine resources.