Waterworks in Svendborg

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The new waterworks is named “Sørupværket” and is one step in the overall development of water management in Svendborg.
Sørupværket will be built in accordance with the most modern building regulations to strengthen the security of water supply. This is designed as a flexible framework for both current and future water processneeds. For example, the water containers will be built above ground in stainless steel, and the plant is designed to meet high standards.


Through new process plants and stainless-steel containers, the waterworks will also ensure high levels of hygiene and drinking water quality. Water is subject to strict hygienic requirements.

For this reason, water is inspected in multiple ways to ensure a high quality

Total project investment:
DKK 42,000,000


Disbursed loan: DKK 36,000,000


Size: Two water tanks contain 750 m³ of water and measure 13 meters in diameter


Water: Raw water is obtained from drillings in the local area