Strategy 2022


KommuneKredit has grown in recent years, both with respect to its balance sheet and number of employees, and the association has evolved into a sophisticated financial institution.


With Strategy 2022, we are implementing KommuneKredit’s transition to a modern association that meets the standards and requirements of a well-run financial institution with public ownership.




KommuneKredit shall contribute to financial latitude in Danish municipalities and regions by providing financing and financial advice at the lowest possible cost.



We will always be the best funding option for our clients, regardless of the given framework.

We will be modern, efficient and engaged, with a focus on high quality, steadiness and stability.


There are a number of conditions that help KommuneKredit accomplish its mission:


  • KommuneKredit exists solely for its members, who are offered cost-effective financing on equal terms regardless of address.
  • Due to a high rating, which is in line with that of the Danish state, KommuneKredit has access to funding on favourable terms.
  • KommuneKredit does not need to generate dividends for its members.
  • Customer advice is impartial and free from self-interest.
  • KommuneKredit has competent employees.


KommuneKredit is the safe choice for investors around the world and a trusted partner for our customers. Investors who place their money in KommuneKredit’s bonds want certainty that they will get their money back rather than a high expected return on their investment. Our partners in the municipalities and regions trust our employees. These conditions are supported by rigorous risk management and close relationships with investors, customers and other partners.



Strategic focus areas

Strategy 2022 has a 5-year horizon so that we can formulate our goals for KommuneKredit without time being a factor.


There are three strategic focus areas:


  • Customer relations
  • Steady and stable
  • Professionalisation


The strategy does not cover everything that will happen at KommuneKredit over the next 5 years, but it reflects the association’s priorities and direction. The strategy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to adjust the association’s priorities and direction when necessary. For example, this might be necessary due to a change in external conditions.


With respect to the strategy we are already well under way in some areas, while more development is required in others.



Customer relations

KommuneKredit’s customer service must be targeted and relevant.


We must strive for the optimal combination of personal service and customer involvement so that customers and investors perceive KommuneKredit as flexible, trustworthy, transparent and accessible.


The strategic focus area has three benchmarks:


Consistent and needs-oriented advice and communication

  • We must have high advisory standards based on a high level of competence across the organisation.
  • We must systematically gather information about customers, legislation, the market, etc., which is processed, shared and used in relation to the individual customer segment.


Systematic processes and administration

  • Management of customer commitment and related customer service must be targeted and relevant to the respective customer segments.
  • We must systematise and automate processes so that we exploit the potential of IT systems, and we must provide a self-service option.
  • We must have high-quality data so that both we and the customer have an overview of the customer’s overall status and commitment.


Optimal customer service

  • KommuneKredit must be proactive in areas that can create value for the customer, and so that customers experience a consistent and professional customer service.
  • We must target customer service to the different segments.
  • We must coordinate between the departments when meeting customers.
  • We must be vigilant with regard to changes in the market and market conditions.



Steady and Stable

KommuneKredit must be a steady and stable link between the Danish municipalities and regions and the capital markets. It is important that the entire association has a “steady and stable” mindset in their daily work. We must be able to stand on our own – even during uncertain times – but we must not become overcautious.


The strategic focus area has four benchmarks:


Security of supply

  • We need to organise our business so that we can always provide our customers with financing – even during prolonged crises.
  • We must have an optimal composition of funding and investments taking into account all relevant parameters.
  • We must expand relationships with investors and other stakeholders in the capital market.


Good reputation

  • We must have high ethical standards in the way we do business with customers, investors and other stakeholders.
  • We must focus on compliance – not only in relation to legislation directly aimed at us – but also in relation to other relevant regulation that similar companies are subject to.
  • We must have a cutting-edge profile towards investors in the fields of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • We must spread “success stories” about KommuneKredit.


Optimal risk management

  • KommuneKredit must be well-capitalised and have stable accounting figures.
  • We must organise our risk management so that we are among the best.
  • We must have the same rating as the Danish state.


IT strategy and IT security high on the list of priorities

  • We must give the highest priority to implementing the IT strategy while ensuring that the business continues to function.
  • We must phase in standard systems.
  • We must ensure stable IT operations and that we have a high level of IT security.
  • We must ensure that, at any given time, all functions have the tools and systems required to perform their tasks efficiently and to a high standard.




Professionalisation is about how we carry out our work with customers, partners and colleagues in all business and work areas at KommuneKredit. It requires that we are efficient in our work, perform high-quality work, and comply with standards and requirements.


The strategic focus area has four benchmarks:


The right qualifications

  • All employees must have a development and training plan.
  • We must have an overview of our employees’ qualifications and must improve qualifications where needed through training and knowledge sharing.
  • We must have a well-functioning executive team focused on good management skills.


Well-documented methods and processes

  • Dependence on key employees must be countered by ensuring that processes and methods are well-documented.
  • All functions must perform their tasks according to well-documented processes and methods that comply with standards, requirements and best practice in the respective areas.


Modern tools and systems

  • KommuneKredit’s systems must be modern and able to evolve and adapt to changes and requirements from the outside world.
  • The systems must have a high level of user-friendliness.


Solution-oriented culture and positive attitude

  • KommuneKredit’s leaders must promote a positive, solution-oriented culture, where everyone takes responsibility.
  • We must always take a holistic approach and collaborate across the organisation.
  • Leaders must be present and provide clear direction.
  • We must develop a common set of values for leaders and employees.
  • We must promote innovation as a natural part of daily life.
  • We must always prioritise KommuneKredit in our work.