KommuneKredit’s values are defined as follows:



“At KommuneKredit we are good at employing our professional skills and specialist knowledge to create value for our clients. We stay abreast of developments and continually upgrade our skills so our partners and clients consider us a competent and professional sparring partner.”



“At KommuneKredit we are good at driving processes effectively and reaching our goals. We are ready to adapt our methods and solutions if they don’t have the intended effect. We take a holistic approach and strive to simplify where possible.”



“At KommuneKredit we get the job done and think long-term and of our clients. We should always be able to defend our actions and strive to be as transparent as possible in our way of doing things.”



“At KommuneKredit we want the best for each other and to bring out the best in our colleagues – to the benefit of our clients and business partners. We are open to change, and we’re good at incorporating each other’s knowledge in order to form a whole. We respect a decision when it’s made, and once the course is set we follow and support it.”


The values reflect the strengths and culture of our association while highlighting the conduct that executives and employees should display to support our mission, vision and strategy.