Green Bonds

KommuneKredit’s Green Bonds finance projects that support the green transition in Danish local societies.


KommuneKredit is a regular issuer of green bonds in the capital markets. Our inaugural green bond was launched in 2017 and has been followed by annual issues in the period 2018-2022. Through our green bonds, we finance local projects in Denmark with positive environmental and climate impact as well as climate change adaptation measures.


In 2022, we launched an updated Green Bond Framework. Eligible green loans under KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Framework are: Clean transportation, Green buildings, Sustainable water and wastewater management, Pollution prevention and control, Energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency) and Climate change adaptation. Full details on eligible loans can be found in our Green Bond Framework.


To keep investors and other partners informed about the projects financed, KommuneKredit publishes a Green Bond Impact Report annually, including an external verification of our use of proceeds.