Green Bond Framework and second party opinion

The Green Bond Framework describes the processes involved at KommuneKredit in the issuance of green bonds, including our governance, eligible loan categories and reporting practices.


Current framework

KommuneKredits current Green Bond Framework was launched in February 2022.


The framework is aligned with ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (2021).


Read our Green Bond Framework 2022.


Video introduction to Green Bond Framework 2022

Would you like a short introduction that highlights the updates and improvements of our new framework, you can see a short video introduction here:



Download slides from video presentation including complementary information here.


Second Party Opinion by CICERO Shades of Green

In line with best market practice, CICERO Shades of Green has assessed the updated framework and provided it with a second party opinion. CICERO found the framework to be aligned with the Green Bond Principles of ICMA and acknowledged it with an overall Medium Green shading and an Excellent Governance score – the best available governance rating.


Read CICERO’s Second Party Opinion on KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Framework 2022.


Previous framework

Read our Green Bond Framework 2017.

Read CICERO’s Second Party Opinion to KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Framework  2017.

Contact information

Would you like more information about our Green Bond Framework 2022 you are welcome to reach out to either our Customer Department via or our Sustainable Finance Team via