Green Bond Impact Report

To enable investors and other stakeholders to follow the development, to monitor the performance and to provide insights into prioritized areas of the Green Loans funded by our Green Bonds, KommuneKredit commits to annually and until maturity of the Green Bonds issued to provide transparent reporting.


Our Green Bond Impact Report includes both allocation and impact reporting.


We follow the recommendations for reporting standards of the Nordic Public Sector Issuers Position Paper on Green Bonds Impact Reporting. The position paper, which was updated in 2020, is available here.

Assurance Statement on KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Management

Assurance Statement on KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Management dated 25 May 2022.

The assurance is given on the investor letter (i.e. KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Impact Report), use of proceeds, distribution between re-financing and new financing, tracking and management of funds.


Read the assurance statement here.

Approved green loans 

The below list covers all eligible projects approved by the Green Bond Committee up to and including 31 December 2021:


Eligible projects 2021