Personal Data Policy

Most recent revision: May 2018

Data controller

KommuneKredit processes personal data and is the data controller in respect of the personal data we collect. Therefore, KommuneKredit has adopted this Personal Data Policy, which explains how KommuneKredit processes your data. This is to ensure that your personal data are processed in accordance with applicable law.


Processing of personal data

If you provide personal data in the course of communicating with KommuneKredit by e-mail or phone, KommuneKredit may collect personal data about you in order to, for instance, manage your and/or your company’s relations with KommuneKredit or to perform a contract or other agreement with you and/or the company you work for.


If KommuneKredit asks you to make available to us personal data other than those you may have provided yourself, we will explain which data we process about you in our systems and for what purpose. We will explain this to you at the time when we collect your personal data.


The personal data used by KommuneKredit include:


  • Ordinary personal data such as name, occupation and ordinary contact information which we receive by e-mail or phone
  • Civil registration (CPR) number and other personal information where we are required to collect it, for instance if the company you represent registers as a customer or we are otherwise obliged to check identity information under the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism
  • Data on traffic to our website – – and other websites managed by KommuneKredit
  • Unique numbers of the devices you use to visit our website or communicate with us by e-mail


Collecting and storing your personal data for specific purposes

KommuneKredit collects and stores your data for specific or other legitimate business purposes. We do this for purposes of:


  • performing contracts or agreements or other legal obligations with you, the company you work for or the company you represent or fulfilling regulatory obligations;
  • managing your relations with us, for instance if you sign up for our newsletter or submit a question by e-mail;
  • measuring your satisfaction with our products or services; or
  • complying with statutory requirements applying to KommuneKredit.


KommuneKredit will only process data about you which are relevant and adequate in relation to the purposes defined above. Which types of data are relevant for us depends on the purpose for which they are collected. The same applies to the amount of personal data we use, which means that we will only use the amount of data we need for a specific purpose.


KommuneKredit only collects, processes and stores personal data which are necessary in relation to the purpose in question. In addition, we may be required under law to collect and store certain data. The processing of certain types and amounts of personal data may also be necessary for purposes of performing a contract or complying with other legal obligations.


Verifying and updating your personal data

KommuneKredit verifies to the widest possible extent that the personal data we process about you are not inaccurate or misleading. To the widest possible extent, we regularly update your personal data, based, among other things, on information we receive from you.


As our services depend on your data being correct and up-to-date, we ask that you notify us of any relevant changes to your data. To notify us of any changes, please use the contact details provided in this Personal Data Policy or contact your usual adviser or contact person.


Erasing personal data

KommuneKredit will erase your personal data when they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected, processed and stored.


The period during which KommuneKredit processes and stores your personal data may vary according to the purpose for which they were collected. If, for instance, your enquiry resulted in a long-term contractual relationship with KommuneKredit or the raising of a loan, we will store documentation of such agreement or loan throughout the term of the agreement or loan. This documentation will include information about the person (name and occupation) with whom we made the agreement or the person who approved the raising of the loan. KommuneKredit may also be required under applicable bookkeeping law to be able to provide the above documentation for a specified period after termination of the agreement or repayment of the loan.


Obtaining consent

KommuneKredit primarily collects personal data for purposes of performing a contract with or fulfilling other legal obligations towards you or the company you work for or for purposes of complying with statutory customer due diligence requirements. If we process your personal data for any other purpose, we will obtain your consent prior to processing them. We will inform you of such basis and of our legitimate interest in processing your personal data.


Your consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time by contacting us. To obtain additional information, please contact us using the below contact details.


Disclosing personal data

We conduct satisfaction surveys in collaboration with an external supplier from time to time. In such an instance, we will disclose your e-mail address to this supplier. You may at any time request that we refrain from such disclosure.


If we disclose your personal data to other collaboration partners or agents, for instance for marketing purposes, we will, prior to disclosing your data, obtain your consent and explain the purposes for which your data will be used. You may at any time object to such disclosure.


KommuneKredit will not obtain your consent if we are under a legal obligation to disclose your personal data, for instance in connection with reporting to an authority.



KommuneKredit has adopted in-house rules on information security, setting out instructions and measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, alteration and unauthorised disclosure of or access to your data. In addition, KommuneKredit has physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place to protect any information collected and processed by KommuneKredit.


Your rights

At your request, you will have access to the data we process about you. However, this access may be restricted for reasons of the privacy of other individuals or the protection of trade secrets and intellectual property rights.


You are entitled at any time to information about which data we process about you, where they come from and for which purposes we use them. You are also entitled to information about the length of time during which we store your data and about who receives data about you to the extent that we disclose data in Denmark and abroad.


To exercise your rights, please contact us using the contact details provided in this Personal Data Policy.


If you believe that the personal data we process about you are inaccurate, you are entitled to have them rectified. To have your data rectified, please contact us to specify the inaccuracies and how they may be corrected.


Under certain circumstances, for instance if you withdraw your consent, we will be required to erase your personal data. If you believe that your data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we collected them, you may request that they be erased. You may also contact us if you believe the processing of your personal data infringes applicable law or other legal obligations.


In the event that you request that your personal data be rectified or erased, we will check whether the conditions have been met and, if so, rectify or erase the data as soon as possible.


You are entitled to object to our processing of your personal data. You may also object to our disclosure of your data for marketing purposes. To object, please contact us using the contact details provided in this Personal Data Policy. If we find your objection to be justified, we will cease to process your personal data.


Data controller


KommuneKredit is the data controller in respect of the collection and processing of your data. If you have any questions regarding the collection or processing of your personal data, please write to KommuneKredit at the following e-mail address:


Contact details


Kultorvet 16

1175 Copenhagen K


Telephone: +45 3311 1512



Company reg. (CVR) no: 22 12 86 12



You may complain directly to KommuneKredit using the above e-mail address, or you can lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency. For more information (in Danish only), click here: Klage til Datatilsynet.



KommuneKredit reserves the right, as required, to update or amend this policy from time to time. Any significant amendments will be announced on our website or in our e-mail signatures. The current version of this Personal Data Policy is available on our website. The date of the most recent update of our Personal Data Policy is indicated at the top of this page.


Contact us if you have any questions

If you have any questions about how we use your personal data, please contact us at