Strategy 2025

Transformation will create the KommuneKredit of the future

Driven by Strategy 2025, we aim to future-proof KommuneKredit as a well-run, accessible and sustainable financial institution. We are doing this to ensure that customers, investors and employees will continue to perceive us as an attractive and competitive choice in the future.


Six strategic priorities

Guided by our vision, we have formulated six equally weighted strategic priorities that plot the direction of development which will secure our position in the market – also in the future.


Four of the six strategic priorities are directly business-oriented: The good customer experience, Secure and stable market player, Simple and robust IT framework, and Transparency and a solid reputation.


The strategic priority Integrate sustainability into our business model brings sustainability into focus throughout the organisation. Meanwhile, the priority Professionalisation, which concentrates on developing our employees, core values and culture, is a prerequisite for the strategy process to succeed.


The good customer experience

We must develop the KommuneKredit of the future in a way that benefits our customers. We must be able to provide advice based on well-defined products and clear communication on financing options. Customers should experience a smooth and seamless service throughout the value chain – from initial contact until the engagement ends. Digital options should be available for commitment overviews and self-service solutions.


Steady and stable market player

We must be a steady and stable link between the Danish municipalities and regions and the capital markets. At all times, we must be able to service our customers at the lowest possible cost regardless of market conditions. Customers, investors and authorities should always have full trust in KommuneKredit and this should be ensured through stable financial key figures, an optimised balance, careful risk management and robust systems and risk models.


Simple and robust IT framework

We must have a simple and flexible IT architecture that accommodates our business needs and ensures operational efficiency. We need a system portfolio based on the best standard systems in each area and standardised integration technologies. IT security levels must be high and match the requirements for the financial sector.


Transparency and a solid reputation

We must comply with the norms and standards applicable to both a well-run financial company and a state-owned business. We need transparency in our products, lending and leasing activities, risk management and sustainable initiatives. Transparency should support our reputation and the prevalence of good stories about KommuneKredit among decision makers and key stakeholders.



Professionalisation concerns our employees, core values and culture. We must integrate our core values into everything we do. We must have a culture that encourages cooperation and resoluteness and where we learn from our mistakes. We must be a high performance and agile organisation that possesses the right qualifications to implement our desired strategic development while ensuring we are operationally secure and stable.


Integrating sustainability into our business model

KommuneKredit must support the green transition ambitions of the municipalities and regions by providing funding at the lowest possible cost. We do that by financing investments with green and other sustainability bonds that adhere to applicable and relevant standards and by future-proofing our business through a strong ESG profile anchored in the entire organisation.