– the link between affordable local lending and global funding

Values and Conduct


– the link between affordable local lending and global funding

KommuneKredit plays an important role in helping to grow and develop Danish society. KommuneKredit enables Danish municipalities and regions to achieve their ambitions to create the best conditions and most sustainable solutions by providing financing at the lowest possible cost.


For example when local communities establish new and modern facilities to support community activities or when regions install new kitchens in hospitals. Or when municipalities lease cargo bicycles that allow day care providers to transport the children more easily, build modern, subsidised housing for the elderly to improve their quality of life, or build roadside ducts
to protect urban areas against cloudbursts. Another example is financing for Danish waterworks when they roll out new technology to ensure that we can safely continue to drink our tap water.


Equal opportunities in all parts of the country
Regardless of the size of the project or where in Denmark it takes place, we offer financing at the lowest possible cost and on equal terms for everyone. In this way, we not only create equal opportunities across Denmark – we also create cohesion and a platform allowing municipalities and regions and, ultimately, our citizens to get as much growth and development
for their money as possible.


We fund our loans by issuing bonds to investors all around the world. KommuneKredit is an association, and our members – all municipalities and regions in Denmark – are jointly and severally liable for our liabilities. This approach allows us to borrow funds at a very low rate of interest. As our administrative expenses are quite low – and we do not have to make
a profit on our lending and leasing operations or pay dividends to our owners – our members are secured the lowest possible interest on their loans.


On the basis of strong financial capabilities and a profound respect for the responsibility that comes with being the credit provider for municipalities and regions, we thus create a secure and stable link between global funding and local lending – both now and in the future.


KommuneKredit shall contribute to financial latitude in Danish municipalities and regions by providing funding and financial advice at the lowest possible cost.


We will always be the best funding choice for our customers, regardless of the given framework.


We will be modern, efficient and engaged, with a focus on high quality, steadiness and stability.

Customer Cases

The Danish independent research and analysis centre VIVE has published the report ’Local government borrowing and the role of KommuneKredit: An international comparative analysis’.


Through international comparison the report analyses local government borrowing in Denmark.