Heat pumps in the district heating network strengthen the green transition

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The green transition is a social responsibility which the Danish district heating sector has embraced. The government’s ambition of a low-emission society has become a benchmark for developing green heat production.
In KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Committee, which assesses whether a specific loan can be categorised as green, we have in recent years witnessed a growing tendency for the district heating sector to invest in heat pumps. In these endeavours, they focus on green transition and the community.


Unlike ordinary heat pumps for private use, the large heatpumps in the district heating network are able to utilise many different – both large and small – heat sources. This makes them quite an essential component of the green transition. These types of heat pumps extract energy from wastewater, ground water, outside air, sea water, geothermal energy, and residual heat from flue gas while collecting excess heat from industry. The diversity of the heat sources ensures that the district heating runs at high efficiency and stable temperatures all year round.


District heating drives the green transition for the benefit of the community. The ever-greener heat production takes place centrally and is immediately distributed to the district heating customers. In the long run, this will allow us to collectively reach our goals faster.


Loans approved by the Green Bond Committee as being green, may be funded using green bond issues. At KommuneKred it, we support our customers’ green initiatives by collecting efficiency data which we report to the investors. In this way, we create an opportunity for investors who prioritise green investments to contribute to the transition of Danish society.

In order to support the green transition and the Danish parliament’s ambition to turn Denmark into a low-emission society, we have to minimise the use of fossil fuels and bio fuels in the district heating network. The large heat pumps are among the best solutions available to meet this goal.

Carl Hellmers
CEO, Fredericia Forsyning and external member of KommuneKredit’s Green Bond Committee