KommuneKredit funds innovative cloudburst project in Frederiksberg

With financing from KommuneKredit, the municipality of Frederiksberg is currently implementing an innovative cloudburst project with climate pathways to future-proof its sewer systems and to make the city better prepared for future climate change, including extreme volumes of rain.
In recent years, municipalities across Denmark have faced climate change challenges, resulting, among other things, in flooded roads and basements, because sewer networks in the majority of the country lack the capacity to accommodate extreme volumes of rain.


The purpose of the Municipality of Frederiksberg’s new cloudburst project is not only to drain rainwater from flooded areas, but also to reuse the rainwater as a resource throughout the city and not least for its green spaces. Some of the rainwater is collected in specially designed collection ponds, such as the central retention pond near the sports centre ‘Frederiksberg Idrætsanlæg’, where rainwater may evaporate.


And some of the rainwater is absorbed by the new tile paving, referred to as ‘NO NOx tiles’, allowing rainwater to infiltrate as well as to have a cooling effect on the city and reduce temperatures.


Finally, some of the rainwater is collected in roadside ducts and transported via climate pathways to rainwater gardens and areas planted with ‘thirsty’ species of trees, thereby creating better growth conditions. Thus, pressure on the sewersystem is relieved and at the same time the water is reused as a valuable resource.


Climate proofing projects are financed by way of green loans from KommuneKredit

KommuneKredit is happy to support its members’ investments in sustainable infrastructure. When a municipality takes out a loan which fulfils KommuneKredit’s conditions for being a green loan, the positive green impacts must be documented. Ultimately, this data collection means that, in collaboration with its customers, KommuneKredit contributes to strengthening the green profile of Denmark’s public sector.