When economic saving and environmental gains go hand in hand

Sortebakkehallerne is a self-governing institution located in Nørager in the sourthern part of the Municipality of Rebild. The sports centre is used during daytime by Sortebakkeskolen, which has approximately 500 pupils. In addition, the sports centre is the venue for many local associations such as handball, gymnastics and football clubs.
As the sports centre is used so intensively and consumes a lot of energy, the board of the centre resolved in 2016 to carry out energy retrofits, including a replacement of lighting fixtures with LED lighting and improved insulation in certain parts of the centre. The total cost of the investment was DKK 521,280, of which expenses for LED lighting accounted for DKK 450,000.


The Municipality of Rebild approved the project proposal and provided the required guarantee for the loans taken out by the centre. This opened up for procuring financing from KommuneKredit.


The municipality was very positive towards our idea and even helped us apply for a loan with KommuneKredit. This meant we achieved more effective financing with a lower rate of interest and lower borrowing costs

Tina Sund Johannesen
Project manager and board member.


The sports centre will cut its energy bill by about DKK 65,000 annually. That is a large amount for a self-governing institution like Sortebakkehallerne. The project also provides positive environmental benefits as the transition to LED lighting is estimated to reduce annual energy consumption by more than 50% over a three-year period. At the beginning of December 2017, energy consumption stood at 52,700 kWh, against 111,200 kWh in 2015 prior to the board decision to make energy retrofits.

Client: Sortebakkehallerne, self-governing institution


Construction period: 2016


Loan financing: DKK 521,280


Loan product: The project is financed on the basis of an interest-reset loan