Climate proofing on Omø

KommuneKredit provides financing for climate investments and coastal protection projects. As long as projects fall within the framework of the applicable legislation, municipalities, utility companies and dike guilds may apply for loans. municipalities may decide to raise loans themselves or provide a municipal guarantee for the dike guild’s loan

Energy renovation at Sortebakkehallerne

Sortebakkehallerne is a self-governing institution located in Nørager in the sourthern part of the Municipality of Rebild. The sports centre is used during daytime by Sortebakkeskolen, which has approximately 500 pupils. In addition, the sports centre is the venue for many local associations such as handball, gymnastics and football clubs.

Local development and growth on Samsø

Since 2014, Samsø Rederi, a municipal shipping line based on Samsø, has handled the route between the ports of Sælvig and Hou. The shipping line put a newly built and larger ferry, Prinsesse Isabella, into service in March 2015. The new ferry increased the vehicle capacity on the route from 90 to 160 cars. The ferry, which was also financed by KommuneKredit, runs on liquid natural gas, which contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainable waterworks in Kalundborg

In 2016, Kalundborg Water Supply A/S established new waterworks and a supply network on Sejerø. Kalundborg Utilities A/S supplies water and district heating to the citizens and removes waste water all over the Municipality of Kalundborg. In a matter of one year, seven million cubic metres of water, drinking water and surface water need to be supplied to citizens and businesses in the Municipality of Kalundborg.

A new school in Aabybro

The Municipality of Jammerbugt has built a new school as a PPP. The new Aabybro School replaces the old Aabybro School, which was torn down in connection with the project. The new school can accommodate approx. 1,100 pupils.